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In recent years, with the rise of Asian art and the frequent cross-strait exchanges, Artnutri Gallery, formerly known as Image Gallery, has witnessed over thirty years of development. Since the 80s, Artnutri Gallery director Mr. Yu Hsin, Chen has overseen art trends between China and Taiwan. Ever since Chen visited China in 1987, his love for art and exchanges with Chinese artists has allowed him to inherit traditions and continue the aesthetic spirit.
“Artnutri” comes from the Chinese classic Mencius: Jin Xin. Mencius said: “If you fully explore your mind, you will know your nature. If you know your nature, you know Heaven. To preserve your mind and nourish your nature is to serve Heaven.” We aim to follow the ancient philosopher’s words, by exploring minds, knowing our nature, and knowing Heaven by nourishing our nature. Live with the greatest appreciation for the true self, which is created by Heaven through the nourished mind.
Artnutri Gallery is dedicated to Chinese painting and lacquer art. We act as agents for several artists, including Xing Biao, Xue, He Ju, Wang, Yi Kun, Zheng and Xiu Qian, Zheng, who have been awarded national master craftsman awards and Lifetime Artistic Achievement honors. Vincent Chen, the second-generation head, is leading the team to bring outstanding contemporary Asian art to the world. Standing on the shoulder of traditions, we wield contemporary cultural perspectives through the tangible power of art.