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Chia En Chen was born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1982. She graduated from the master’s program at the Department of Fine Art of the Tainan University of Technology in 2008. and had various joint and individual exhibitions from 2002 to 2007. She is currently dedicated to painting and began to create earthenware art in 2015.
Chia En is a young female artist, combined with a soft, modest, and elegant temperament creates romantic aspects of nature. During her creative career, she has adhered purity and a simple and carefree attitude in her paintings and ceramics and has enriched her life to which an artistic manner is applied. Her work, portraying Taiwan’s mountain and flower scenery, transfers the stretch of the field in her heart out beyond where the eye can see, and then combines it with the sense of touch, feeling the warmth and moistness that has filled the earth.
Chen elegantly combines the warmth of pottery with her previous training in painting and transforms images into three-dimensional works. In her work, the textures and colors allow viewers to feel the richness and leniency of the earth. Without complicated decorations, Chen’s works display a sense of peace that is born from a self-reflection, an aura of tranquility amid countless thoughts and ideas. With simplicity and elegance, the works of Chen Chia-En portray a natural image of the inner landscape. She explained, “Abstraction is not the absence of material, but a realm that is both virtual and authentic, profound and peaceful. It evokes the innermost quality of mankind that originated from the chaos of antiquity.”


2002   Kaohsiung Art exhibition Judges’ list award/ Kaohsiung Culture Center,  
           Kaohsiung, Taiwan
 2005   INK Group exhibition/ The Art center of Tainan University of Technology,
           Tainan, Taiwan
2006   Group exhibition/ The Art center of  Tainan University of  Technology,    
           Tainan, Taiwan
2006   Print Group exhibition/ The Art center of Tainan University of Technology, 
           Tainan, Taiwan
2007   Taipei Window Group exhibition/ The Art center of Tainan University of
           Technology, Tainan, Taiwan
2007   Group exhibition/ Meiling Fina Arts Museum, Chiayi,   Taiwan
2007   Art exhibition/ License Art Gallery Tainan Taiwan, Tainan, Taiwan
2007   The Soft heart Mode – Chen Chia-En Individual exhibition/
           Kaohsiung  ABSOLUTELY SPP, Kaohsiung,  Taiwan
2008   The Crossing of Time and Environment Micro-Installations International   
           Symposium 2008, Tainan, Taiwan
2016  “Into The Mind’s Scene”  Joint exhibition/ Artnutri Gallery, Miaoli, Taiwan
2016   ART TAICHUNG/ Millennium Hotels and Resorts/ Taichung,  Taiwan
2017   ART & CREATIVE EXPO/ TAIWAN Dali ART/ Taichung,  Taiwan
2017   ART FORMOSA /  Eslite Hotel Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2017   ART TAICHUNG/ Millennium Hotels and Resorts /  Taichung,  Taiwan
2017 “Independent Taipei “ awarded the silver medal and invited to exhibit in
          New York / Songshan Cultural and Creative Park / Taipei,  Taiwan
2017  “Artnutri Gallery Highlight Collection 2017 ”  Joint exhibition/
           Artnutri Gallery, Miaoli, Taiwan

Artistic Ideals
Originality is the basis of life.
Tactile feel is created through intuition.
Quiescence makes restless pursuit possible.
Revelation leads to universal reconciliation.
The vast plains in my heart grow upon endless rocks,
It’s flowing greenery encouraging me to move forward.
This vast open wildness of the heart has no boundaries, as if it’s an ocean.


Black Rain
Raindrops and shadows interlacing, producing rhythm in frequencies

<Black and Rain Series> / 36 x 36 x 1 cm / ceramic / 2017


The Wind
Emotions and fluctuations like dancing extremities
Depicting invisible flows within the body

<The Wind Series> / 15 x 15 x 0.5 cm / ceramic 2017


Day and Night
All merge as one
The realm in between reality and illusion, remaining in the vast of time

<Day and Night Series> / 36 x 36 cm / ceramic / 2017


The silent sand meets the rain

<Dessert Series> / 36 x 36 x 1 cm / ceramic / 2017

Black and White

A Light in the Night

<Black and White Series> / 36 x 36 x 1 cm / ceramic / 2017



<Untitled Series> / 35.4 x 35.6 cm / ceramic / 2017