Chia - En , CHEN
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She was born in Qingshui in Taichung, Taiwan Province in 1982. She graduated from the master’s program at the Department of Fine Art of Tainan University of Technology in 2008, and had various joint and individual exhibitions from 2002 to 2007. She is currently dedicated to painting and began to create earthenware art in 2015.

Artistic Ideals
Originality is the basis of life. Tactile feel is created through intuition. Quiescence makes restless pursuit possible. Revelation leads to universal reconciliation. The vast plains in my heart grow upon endless rocks, its flowing greenery encouraging me to move forward. This vast open wildness of the heart has no boundaries, as if it’s an ocean. 


Black Rain

Chia - En , CHEN  <Black Rain>  35.4x35.6cm  2017


Day and Night

Chia - En , CHEN   <Day and Night>  36x36cm  2017

The wind

Chia - En , CHEN  <The wind>  15x15cm  2017




Chia - En , CHEN  <Untitled>  35.4x35.6cm  2017