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Born in Fuzhou in 1937,  Shou-Duan WU graduated from Fuzhou School of Arts and Crafts in 1958. She learned from Xiu-Quan GAO and Zhi-Qing LI who are the masters of creating lacquerware and lacquer painting. In 1962, Shou-Duan WU invented the “Bleed Gold” lacquer painting skill without outline. Her paintings are delicate, realistic and vivid with distinguished value. Currently, she is a master of arts and crafts in Fujian Province, expert of arts and crafts (lacquer ware) in Fujian Province, member of Fujian Province Lacquer Arts Culture Research Association, member of Fujian Artists Association, and Member of China Arts and Crafts Association.

Awards and Honors

1982  "Begonia" awarded the Excellence Award of The Second Lacquer Painting
           Exhibition in Fujian Province.
1986  "Wonderful Posture" to participate in the National Art Exhibition awarded
           Excellence Award, and was collected to the former Soviet Union Oriental
           Art Museum.
1987  "Purple Swallows plate" Excellence Award of the Fujian Province Arts and
           Crafts Creative Design Exhibition.
1987  "Purple Swallows plate" and "Dendrobium" to participate in the National
           Arts and Crafts Exhibition, "Dendrobium" awarded the second prize of the  
           Chinese Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award, also "Art and Life"   
           magazine published.
1988  "Dendrobium" awarded outstanding creative design prize two of the 8rd China  
           Arts and Crafts "Hundred Flowers Award".
1988  "Noble moral and behavior" awarded the Excellence Award of the first
            Session Fujian Province Arts and Crafts Exhibition.
1989  "The White Friars" awarded Special Grade of The 4th Arts and Crafts  
1990  "Wonderful Posture" awarded the first prize in Fuzhou Arts and Crafts first  
          "Women's Cup" Art Exhibition, and the Fuzhou City Art Bureau issued a  
            certificate and the Gold Cup. 
2002  "Golden Autumn" , "Peony flowers’s color and aroma are extraordinary and  
            beautiful",  "Narcissus" , organized by the provincial people's government  
            experts to review the draft selection, be collected by Fujian Province, Lei  
            Yuzhou hotel.
2003  "Wonderful Posture", " Red-crowned Crane" be collected by the Fujian  
            Provincial Arts and Crafts Museum, "golden chrysanthemum with bodiless
            lacquer" was incorporated into the" Complete Collection of Chinese modern
            art "(lacquer roll).
2014  Shou-Duan WU was appraised as non-material cultural heritage heir in Fujian  
           Province. In the same year, lacquer painting "Golden Autumn", "Narcissus"   
           was deposited by the Municipal People's Government.
 2015  "Gua Ye Plum blossom" was deposited by the Municipal People's Government.

Shou-Duan WURed-Crowned Cranewood with lacquer painting70 x 50 cm


Shou-Duan WUGrey-Faced Buzzardwood with lacquer painting70 x 50 cm

Shou-Duan WUFamily Joywood with lacquer painting,60 x 40 cm