Shu Min, Tang Solo Exhibition 2016.04.02 – 05.15
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In Shu Min, Tang’s world, he views himself as a farmer, sowing, watering, and nurturing his land. Day after day, year after year, he puts his heart into his land, waiting for the flowers to blossom.
Graduating from the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, his expertise in using color has been executed to the fullest. Particularly when he uses one color, his precision in placement and the overlapping of the tones is an expression of excellence. In a world full of distractions, he is able to focus on the subject, using shapes, colors and sounds to create his own world of solace.
For artists recreating their subjects, “order” is as significant as the subject itself. The order of nature stems from the soul’s understanding of beauty. In beauty, souls are able to connect as they see order come from chaos. As in life, Mr. Tang believes that once we open the land in our hearts, the rest will take care of itself.
Tang’s expertise is not restricted to oil paintings; he has also made significant strides in traditional Chinese paintings, watercolor paintings and Chinese calligraphy. His involvement in folk art has also been furthered by works such as Surprise Awakening, Fall Harvest, and Shepherd’s Song – Night and Day etc., where his observations of the seasons as a “farmer” can be seen and felt as his agricultural ideals are clearly expressed. Works such as Revival, Holding on to a Child’s Doll, Furnace, and Celebratory Beating of the Drum etc. all stem from folk culture with percussion, dance, and daily tools that help bridge the gap between art and daily life.
Every seed that is sown plants and nurtures hope – the simple and unadorned folk art is an honest reflection of our daily thoughts and dreams. In this hope, only through being honest with our true nature can we blossom and live our lives to the fullest.