In Light I Draw Chia-Jwu Tai Solo Exhibitions 2016.12.17-2017.1.22
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“ In Light I Draw” Chia-Jwu Tai Solo Exhibitions
Opening 2016.12.17 (六)14:00
 “ Life’s awakening and quest for eternity”
In Light I Draw invokes a realm where the object and the self are forgotten, gazing inwards while simultaneously looking upwards, a realm that appears in a flash. It is a spiritual realm where the soul experiences, during absolute stillness, the workings of the Holy Spirit and being touched by such experience. Such experience is thus expressed via a narrative of visual aesthetics, attempting at conveying an interior sentiment and connection between individuals and God, a holy ambience that shifts the eyesight off focus yet continuously appeals to people an undisrupted inner sweetness that keeps on fermenting, and a pure experience of soulfulness and beauty immersion, with an ultimate concern for delivering the spiritual content of an “another world” and “another voice”