Lacquer Art : past, present and future 2016.10.08- 12.04
Laquer Art : past, present and future
2016.10.08- 12.04
Lacqer, seven thousand years of history. 
Right time, Right Place, Fine Material and Exquisite technique would make  a beauty lacquer work. 
From red lacquer bowl which found in Yuyao, Zhejiang, of Hemudu Site to the new type of painting in modern art today. Lacquer combines both painting and manufacturability techniques in a perfect characteristic.
What Artnutri Gallery loves and shares is  about the nature lacquer’s  inclusiveness and eastern culture’s attitude and creativity of  life. It’s far above the traditional craft activity, it’s about lacquer’s vitality. 
We are very pleased to welcome you, to discover the beauty of lacquer art~


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